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Paleyfest 2015 Interview Roundup
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Dylan O’ Brien, Shelley Hennig Reveal Gross-Out ‘Teen Wolf’ Moment
It's no secret Teen Wolf couple Stiles and Malia aren't your typical lovey dovey pair. In a recent interview, Shelley Hennig, who plays Malia on the show, said the duo would "never say I love you," for example. Every now...
Dylan O’Brien’s Fame Gets in the Way of His Chipotle Runs!
Dylan O'Brien was already fairly famous for his role in the MTV series Teen Wolf, a show that's more popular than you might think. But when he was cast in this fall's film adaptation of the Y.A. bestseller The Maze...
Interview: “From Teen Wolf to The Maze Runner”
During the recent junket for The Maze Runner (opening tomorrow, Sept. 17), the film’s director Wes Ball recounted an amusing incident about the way the movie’s lead actor, Dylan O’Brien was cast, or rather, was almost not cast. Wes related...
“Maze Runner” Stars Battle On Screen, Bond Off Of It
Watch an interview Dylan, Kaya and Will did with below as well as a couple of new outtakes from a photoshoot they did below!