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Tiffany   —   10 14 2013

The darkness

At the end of the first half of Teen Wolf season 3, our main trio sacrificed themselves for their parents. While they did survive the process, it definitely came with some consequences. One of those consequences was the darkness that now lives in the hearts of our three heroes.

“It’s that darkness that Deaton warned us about at the end of last season,” O’Brien says. “For Stiles in particular, he’s an interesting candidate for a host. Me, Scott, and Allison have very vulnerable minds at this point because we left the door open for what we did to sacrifice ourselves for our parents. We are prime subjects for any sort of spirits and evil to come in and have a great time.”

So not only does it sound like Stiles and his friends will be suffering from the darkness, but it may also open them up for possession. Could this have something to do with the Kitsune myth they’ll be focusing on during the winter season?


Speaking more specifically about Stiles, he says, “Being the human, he’s very vulnerable, as he’s always been. But I think now that it’s going to be a lot about Stiles kind of dealing [with the fact that] he’s not safe. It’s kind of that thing with the superhero’s girlfriend.” O’Brien paused to laugh at his own metaphor, comparing himself to Peter Parker’s Mary Jane, but continued in a more serious tone by saying, “The ones you love are who you have to keep the furthest away from you.”

“It seems like he could be a target to get to Scott, or get to Derek, and those guys,” he continues. “So we may finally be toying with that. But also I don’t know either,” he adds, alluding to the fact that he doesn’t know the plot of the entire season just yet.

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Tiffany   —   10 13 2013

This weekend at New York Comic-Con Dylan O’Brien opened up about what The Maze Runnermovie delay means for the series.

As reported last weekend by Hypable, Fox has pushed the release date for The Maze Runnerto September 19, 2014. Although fans of the book series were disappointed by the news O’Brien stresses that this announcement is a positive move for the series as a whole.

“It means the studio is backing it, and you know, they want to give Wes, the director, and the visual effects team, all the time that they need to make the movie the best version it can be. I’m really happy about… I think it’s so smart what they did,” O’Brien said in comments recorded by Hypable at NYCC on Sunday.

The leading actor of the dystopian thriller goes on to say that being rushed with a movie of this size isn’t what fans should want. “I mean, we wrapped in July, and having it release in February, a big action and visual effects dystopian movie would be kind of insane. So I think it’s great that we’re going to be able to take the time now to make it as good as it can be. The best version of the film it can be.”

In addition, O’Brien reveals that the extended amount of time will give the Maze Runner team more opportunity for press and promotion. “We get to do Comic-Con San Diego next year, which we wouldn’t have gotten to do otherwise, so that’ll be good too.”

Between this news and the announcement that the Maze Runner sequel script for The Scorch Trials is being developed, fans of the franchise should be comforted that Fox is giving the series as much attention as it can afford.


Tiffany   —   10 12 2013

As more interviews become available, they will be posted here! Also, check out a few pictures from the event in the gallery here!

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Tiffany   —   07 26 2013

Collider:  You’ve been to Comic-Con before, how many years is this now for you?

DYLAN O’BRIEN:  Yes.  Four.

So, you’re like a seasoned pro.

O’BRIEN:  Yeah.  Cool, huh?  I’m jaded at this point actually.  I’m getting like sick about it — I’m just kidding.

Can you walk the convention floor?

O’BRIEN:  No. Unless I have a mask on or something.

Have you worn the mask on the floor?

O’BRIEN:  No, I haven’t done that.  I think I might do it today.

I have a lot of friends that are actors, who really get off on wearing the mask because they’re surrounded by people that love their work but no one has any idea.

O’BRIEN:  It must be cool, I want to try it.  I hear it’s like being in another world — the convention floor.  It’s crazy and you go into this land where people know who you are.  Most people would know because everyone is here for this stuff and this is why they’re here — well, I guess not everyone but it’s definitely out of the ordinary.  

How have things changed for you with the success of Teen Wolf?  I know it’s bigger now than it’s ever been.

O’BRIEN:  Yeah, it’s crazy how it just keeps growing and the fanbase just keeps getting stronger, it’s amazing.  At one time this was literally the first job I ever had, the only job I had, my very first introduction into the business, my first experience with crew, with the set, with the cast, with anything.  Literally, as an actor,  it was my first experience at all.  So, it’s really close to home and it’s really important to me, and I’m going to be so upset the day that it’s over.  It’s going to be heartbreaking.  But it’s mind-blowing to see something like that, something that’s actually just really personal to you kind of become — first off all, to still be going, we never thought it’d be going even three years, like we’re at right now.  It’s crazy to see the success of something like that, that’s just kind of your little home base.  It’s always been like that for me.  As an actor now, when I’ve gone off and tried other things, it’s like my home base.  It’s my school, it’s my home that I go back and — yeah, I don’t know.  It’s weird.  It’s really cool though.  

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Tiffany   —   06 17 2013

Dylan O’Brien, who plays Stiles Stilinski in MTV’s Teen Wolf has brought his dorky, yet adorable character back to the hit show for Season 3.  And with the premiere scoring rave reviews, we can only imagine what upcoming episodes have in store for fans.

So what’s Dylan’s favorite episode of the season? Dylan O’Brien Talks The Internship He shares with On Air with Ryan Seacrest: ”Episode six was kind of a cool episode. We shot at this motel and it’s kind of this whole creepy Shining-eqsue thing. We’re at a motel and the motel kind of posesses you. That was a really fun episode for us all to shoot.” Until then, tune in to a new episode of Teen Wolf on MTV on Mondays at 10/9c.


Tiffany   —   06 10 2013 Hi Dylan! So tell us about the audition process for this role.

Dylan O’Brien: It was cool. It was just a regular couple reads, regular audition at first. You go through a casting director and then you get to the directors and producers. And reading with Vince was the highlight of that process. That was the last step. We all got to go in and audition with Vince. He was so cool in the room and so giving. He would just riff with you forever. It was my longest audition I think I ever had. And most of which was all made up. The audition should have only taken five minutes, technically, but then Vince would make it a whole thing and you would just go with him. He’d basically just see if you could hang, kind of. It was cool because a lot of what we said in the audition room made it into the movie and it kind of established our dynamic with them.

JJJ: You’ve been doing comedy back since your YouTube days, but that had to be pretty intimidating.

DO: Well, hell yeah (laughs)! Yeah, I’m comfortable improving, more so than having lines I think. But the Vince factor and just auditioning in general is very nerve-racking. Going into a room, you have like eight people looking at you and you’re sitting there, and you just have to do it. But what was so great was that it was such an awesome room. I was comfortable instantly. Once Vince starts riffing with you, you kind of settle in. The producers were all fun and great too. Everyone was just laughing. It was a lot of fun. Intimidating for maybe like a second, definitely. How could it not be? But then instantly comfortable and just a great time.

JJJ: You play a nice guy in most of your roles. Was it nice to play sort of a jerk in this film?

DO: Yeah, it was so much fun. That was intimidating at first. I was so afraid, like “Oh my God, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to pull this off.” The whole dynamic I established with Vince was that I just this jerk to him. And I was like, “Are people going to buy that?” But yeah, it was so much fun. And he does come around. Vince and Owen’s characters teach him to open up and let his guard down, let loose and have fun for a second and not be so uptight and dismissive of everyone around him.

JJJ: You look pretty good in those hipster glasses! Those were fake, right?

DO: Yeah, they were fake. When we went in for my first fitting, we were just like establishing what was happening and they were giving me this hipster-y vibe, all these layers with cardigans and stuff. I thought it was hilarious. And then so, the glasses for me, were just the classic top-off. I don’t know why, but it just so perfectly put together that sort of hipster-y… like “If I have to wear glasses, I want to make them cool glasses” thing, you know? Shawn [Levy] loved the lgasses too. So from then, we were just full-on with the glasses and the beanie too (laughs).

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Tiffany   —   06 05 2013

Dylan O’Brien took a break from Teen Wolf to take on an internship, and not just any internship, but one with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn.

The 21-year-old actor joined the comedic forces for The Internship, which revolves around two middle-aged men who attempt to prove they’re not obsolete by battling brilliant college students for a chance of an internship at Google.

So we had to ask, has Dylan ever interned in real life?

“No, I haven’t,” the actor laughs. ”I’m just 21 now, so my intern experience was literally shooting this movie, doing all the crazy stuff that we did. So basically like strip clubs and Quidditch, that’s what I think an internship consists of.”

Sounds like more fun than unpaid work to us!

Catch The Internship in theaters this FridayJune 7!


Tiffany   —   06 03 2013

Tiffany   —   05 23 2013

Here’s a couple of videos of Dylan talking about his experience filming “The Internship” and talks about his current project “The Maze Runner”

Tiffany   —   11 12 2012