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  —   10 22 2012

Glamour: So, were you as awkward around girls in high school as your character in the movie, Dave, was?

Dylan O’Brien: Absolutely! I wasn’t so smooth. I was very shy with girls and was always, you know, ruddy cheeked around them. I was always loving them but never had any idea how to tell them that, so I’m very similar to Dave in that sense.

Glamour: So, has that changed at all?

Dylan O’Brien: Not so much, in all honesty. Obviously times change and as you get older, you learn from every experience. But I’m always a little innately shy when I first talk to a girl, and I think I always will be! But I think that’s a good thing. You don’t want to lose that.

Glamour: Well said! Now tell us, what’s your current obsession?

Dylan O’Brien: One Direction!

Glamour: Who’s your favorite?

Dylan O’Brien: Oh, come on, is that even a question? Harry Styles, of course! He’s the next Mick Jagger.

Glamour: Is there a movie you’re so obsessed with you know every word?

Dylan O’BrienLiar, Liar. It’s phenomenal–a 10 out of 10 movie.

Glamour: What album are you loving right now?

Dylan O’Brien: Jack White is really cool.

Glamour: What book are you obsessed with?

Dylan O’BrienThe Art of Fielding. I love baseball–Moneyball was my favorite book when I was 13.

Glamour: What’s your idea of a favorite meal?

Dylan O’Brien: Chicken cutlets, rice pilaf, and broccoli.

Glamour: That’s very balanced! What about your favorite drink?

Dylan O’Brien: I’m a big root beer guy.

Glamour: Who’s your favorite person to follow on Twitter?

Dylan O’Brien: My mom! She tweets and always retweets what I write. It’s really cute. She has the little egg as her icon.

Glamour: Who’s the first celebrity you were ever obsessed with?

Dylan O’Brien: Growing up, I was in love with Jennifer Aniston from Friends.

Glamour: The next time you have some down time, how would you spend it?

Dylan O’Brien: I’d like to get into some sort of workout regimen so I can properly be healthy and exercise like a normal human being. I seem to not do that… ever.

  —   10 19 2012 What was your first impression of this script?
Dylan O’Brien: I just really loved what I got to do as this guy and I loved the dialogue. I almost wanted more of it. I just naturally get the words that Jon [Kasdan, writer/director] writes. I understand the way he speaks and what he’s trying to get across, so I could recite the entire movie by the time we started shooting because we did so much rehearsing. Did that allow for improv?
Dylan: I wouldn’t tag it as improv because there was no need to go away from the script here, but it was free-range speaking in the sense that I had all the lines down, but I never once worried about specific wording with a sentence. I knew what Jon wanted me to say, but he let me say the words how I thought I should say them. That’s a good way of going about it I think. What was the rehearsal process like?
Dylan: A few weeks before shooting start, Jon got me and Britt together, and we spent two weeks, just the three of us, running scenes, changing things, talking about everything – not even necessarily about the script. Sometimes it was just about getting to know one another. By the time we got to shooting, Britt and I were so comfortable with one another that it was really easy to keep riffing off that established relationship. It was so comfortable and made us more confident without realizing it. That’s something Jon does amazingly; he instills this quiet confidence in you that makes you feel like no choice is wrong, which lets you feel free. While the characters are different, Dave and Stiles feel like they could almost be brothers. Is that unique energy something you thought both characters would have or just part of you?
Dylan: I think maybe a bit of both. The energy I give to Stiles and the energy I give to Dave is all intentional. I think maybe it’s because I have an energy inside myself that I don’t necessarily project in real life because I do it with my characters. It’s just something I think I can add to characters, but also, I wouldn’t have done it if it didn’t suit the character. The movie raises the age old question of whether making mix CDs for a crush is allowed. What’s your opinion?
Dylan: I’m definitely not opposed. There’s no problem with making mixes for a girl. I’m somebody who is as inspired by music as much as the next person. I’ve always played and loved all kinds of music. Sharing something like a mix tape is really sweet. It’s a little piece of your heart at that moment. It’s like saying, “Here’s what I’ve been feeling recently.” Mixes are what you’re all about in that moment.

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  —   10 19 2012

Hi Dylan! So what made want to get involved with this film? Did you relate to the script? Did you know people like this in high school?

Everybody can relate to it in their own way and I was very similar to it in the sense that I was kind of lovestruck with girls always, and always had a funny time with girls because I was shy, but had strong feelings that could very easily crush. And you know, when you’re that age you just don’t know what to do with all of that. So that, for me, was kind of a very personal and relatable thing that was specific to the story and specific to my life. I even had a friend who I was like in love with who was just my friend. So when I read the script, I loved it so much because it was such a nice drawback to something that was still so fresh in my mind. I was 19 when I did the movie, and this was all two years beforehand. It was all still so fresh with me. So I think I was able to connect to it really easily.

What was the most challenging thing about playing Dave? Anything you wanted to over-prepare for?

I don’t think I over-prepared or anything. I think the challenge was playing a very honest character and a very honest storyline. For me, as a person, I’m very internal. I’m very kind of aware of myself and hesitant to open up. So to play a character who instinctively, without even realizing it, opens up and wears all of his emotions, and is very external in his thought and his perception of things, just playing a very honest version of yourself in a way was a challenge.

How much of your portrayal of Dave was written on the page and how much of it did you get to play with a little bit?

It was a perfect balance, I would say, between Jon’s written dialogue and my adlibbing habit. Because Jon’s words would always kind of fit into my mouth just right. And he let me freely speak in the sense that I could recite the entire film by the time we started shooting because we rehearsed it so much. It was just kind of however I was saying it. It was pretty loose in regards to, not improving, but being able to say the lines how I would say them and just talk how I would talk. I think that was a very important thing for him. He wanted us to talk to each other how we would actually talk and he captured that in the writing. And it only got more collaborative as we all came together and he started changing things when he heard us speaking and saying the lines. Some things would work and some things wouldn’t, and eventually it kind of came together to be the characters. I was always very comfortable and very understanding of Jon’s words he put on the page. So I would never discard them ever, but they inspired me to say other things or say them in a different way.

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  —   10 18 2012

Over last few days Dylan has been doing a bunch of press for “The First Time” and instead of doing single posts for each, I decided to make one huge post of the different interviews and videos!  There will also be more interviews to view when you clicking read more on the bottom of the post.  Enjoy!

Collider Interview

Collider:  How did you come to be a part of this film?  Was it just an audition, or was it something you specifically pursued?

DYLAN O’BRIEN:  It was an audition for me, like any other thing.  The only thing that separated this film was that it was something that me, my manager and my agents all just really loved and really thought that I was right for it.  For me, the script and subject matter was so personal to me.  This was all still very fresh in my mind, too.  I was 19 years old and this had all just happened to me, two years prior.  So, it was really refreshing, in that sense, and in the sense that it’s entirely different than any other script I was reading or going out for.  It’s a teen comedy, but none of it was raunchy or tasteless.  It was really classy and really sweet, and a really true, honest, endearing story.  Jon [Kasdan] changed a lot with the script and was writing the whole way, but he has such an understanding of relationships and how people communicate with each other.  It’s fascinating because I don’t [have that].  It’s really incredible when somebody has such a beat on it.

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Question: “The First Time” has significantly more intelligence and emotional depth than most movies made for this particular demographic. Is that what drew you to this particular project?

Answer: You hit the nail on the head. That is what separates this movie from other teen comedies that are being made nowadays. It has got character depth and conflict. [Writer/director Jon Kasdan] was not afraid to make these teenagers smart. For some reason, it has become kind of normal for teenagers in movies to be dumb over the last 10 years. I also think that it is an amazing accomplishment for Jon to have not only gotten this movie made but to do it the way he wanted to.

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  —   10 16 2012

Kidzworld: Did you and Britt Robertson who plays the girl you experience a first time with in the movie (Note: We’re talking PG-13 here) get a chance to meet and get to know each other before shooting?

  • Dylan: Yeah. We auditioned together. We had a chemistry read (to see if they clicked as a couple). We found out that we got the parts and in the weeks before shooting. Jon (Jonathan Kasdan the director) got us together.  We’d go to his house for rehearsals every day. That could go either way. You could spend those weeks getting sick of each other or spend them really getting along which is what we had.

Kidzworld: There is a lot of dialogue in this film and it seems very real. Did you and Britt ad-lib any of it or did Jon write it all?  

  • Dylan: With me it was kind of free-range speaking. I would never not say what I was supposed to say but I’d say it the way I was comfortable with it.

Kidzworld: Who was the jokester on set? What did he/she pull?

  • Dylan: Well, James Frecheville (who plays Britt’s weird 1st boyfriend Ronny in the film) was kind of a prankster. It was random and weird. He hid my shoes first day on set and I couldn’t go home because I didn’t have any shoes! (we laugh). He later pulled them out of a wastebasket.  They sent me home in wardrobe shoes. I was walking around in socks. When he wrapped, he called me (Aussie accent) “Got your shoes, man!” “You’ve got to be kidding me!”.

Kidzworld: When you were a teen, did you have a posse or at least a best friend you shared info on girls with? Dave’s friends in the movie almost give too much advice.

  • Dylan: Yeah, I had my group of buddies. You had certain buddies for talking to about certain things. I’d say the majority of my friends were classic teenage guys about that stuff. I was always a romantic and I was thinking about this stuff like ten times more than these other dudes were. I would mainly keep it to myself.  I never did it like (my character) Dave does through; just pour his heart out to his friends every day. I was shyer about it I guess.

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  —   10 16 2012

Have you heard of The First Time? It’s a new movie about losing your virginity in high school, and it stars none other than Teen Wolf hottie Dylan O’Brien.

In the flick (which we totally loved, BTW), Dylan plays a shy high school senior named Dave who’s had a crush onVictoria Justice for years, but ends up falling for Britt Robertson during one crazy weekend. Lucky ladies!

We got a chance to sit down with Dylan last week in Los Angeles, where he told us all about his own high school experience, and, yep, losing his virginity!

He also shares a horror story from one of the parties he attended in high school. You’ve gotta wait till the end of the video to find out what happened to him!

Will you be checking out The First Time when it hits theaters on Friday?

If you can’t view it, see it here.
  —   10 13 2012

Dylan and costar Britt Robertson did an interview with Awesomeness TV to promote their movie “The First Time.  Check out the cute interview below!

  —   10 11 2012

Mr. Dylan O’Brien chats all about his new movie, ‘The First Time’ with me and also gives us the lowdown on what it was like filming the more intimate scenes of the movie!

Always a pleasure to hang out with, Dylan told me all about how the awkward make-out scenes went down.

‘The First Time’ hits theaters October 19th — I actually just saw the film the other day and it is the cutest thing ever. Will you be checking it out?

  —   10 11 2012

Dylan O’Brien is that guy that you wanted to be friends with in high school. He’s handsome enough to be part of the popular crowd, but he squirms when you talk about love and sweats when you talk about female body parts (especially Jennifer Aniston’s.)The 20-year-old former YouTube star made his name as Stiles on the hit MTV series Teen Wolf,  and currently stars alongside Britt Robertson and Craig Roberts in the new Jon Kasdan-directed teen comedy, The First TimeHere he is on his first high school love, heartbreak, and his taste in women.

Describe your character Dave in The First Time in three words.
Wow, just three words? That makes it so much harder. He’s sweet, vulnerable and a guy. [Laughs] I love how I led off with sweet, but really, he’s such a dude. Just one of those sweet, sappy dudes.

Dave’s pretty complex.
Yeah, I would need an essay to describe him. Like, three pages.

The First Time is about a budding romance between two high school students and their first weekend together. Do you remember your first love?
I was in high school, I think. It’s the first time that you start thinking of one of your girl friends as more than just a friend and you just think about her all the time and are obsessed with her and think she’s really pretty and just want to hang out with her always. And then you start trying to process those feelings. That’s literally what the film is all about: trying to understand all those emotions you first have when you have no idea where they’re coming from.

Did you use your first experience as inspiration for the film?
Definitely—that’s how I interpreted the script the first time I read it. It features everything I saw and went through. It got so real.

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  —   07 27 2012

He’s the cheeky chappy who can’t help but raise a smile.

But what will Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien make of our quick-fire round?

We caught up with the actor when he was visiting London, and asked him all of life’s most important questions – such as; sun or snow?

See what he had to say for himself in our exclusive video interview …

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